What has Physical Therapy allowed you to do?

Now that you’re back in the game, we want to see what physical therapy has allowed you to do!

Makovicka Mountain

Has physical therapy given you the ability to do something you weren’t able to do before? Did it get you back to work, the golf course, or competing at a higher level? Whatever that may be, we want you to show us for a chance to win a pair of Husker football tickets, $100 Scheels gift card, and more!

Anyone can win!

To participate, all you need to do is take a picture of what it is that physical therapy has allowed you to do and post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using the #MakovickaPT hashtag. Get as creative as you want with the pictures you post. If you’re currently going through physical therapy, this is not an excuse to go beyond your doctor or physical therapist’s orders. Rather get creative within your limits.

Use #MakovickaPT (don’t misspell it) to win big!

Anyone can win, but how you say?!

  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Post pictures on Facebook (message us the pictures) or Twitter throughout the month of September with #MakovickaPT in the post. Thats it!

The most important thing is to do #3!


–          A pair of 2013 Husker Football tickets

–          $100 Scheels gift card

–          iPod Shuffle (2x)

–          Swiss workout balls

–          Makovicka Physical Therapy t-shirts

*The contest will run from Sept. 1st – Sept. 30th with the winners being announced on October 2nd. Any pictures posted using the #MakovickaPT hashtag might be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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