Elbow Tendinitis | Makovicka Physical Therapy in Omaha

Thank you for visiting Makovicka Physical Therapy’s Elbow Tendinitis page. We have 5 locations in Omaha and the surrounding suburbs and would love to hear from you if you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms below.


Tendinitis occurs when the tendon (tissue that connects bone to muscle) becomes inflamed or irritated. Elbow tendinitis is when the tendons of the upper and lower arm becomes irritated from repetitive movements like those listed below.

Poor posture and the lack of a stretching program can increase the chances of tendinitis occurring. Although anyone can suffer from tendinitis, it typically occurs in adults as the tendons become tighter or more susceptible to irritation. You can avoid tendinitis by gradually building up your activity level and by implementing a stretching program.


  • Pain will gradually increase
  • Pain might also be sudden if calcium deposits are present
  • Point tenderness at the site


Tendinitis can be treated by decreasing the activity that aggravates the site of injury. These injuries can be prevented by gradually increasing the volume of a certain activity as well as warming up and stretching. Other treatment options may include:

  • Icing the injured area the day pain arises.
  • Resting the injured area.
  • Physical Therapy: This may include range-of-motion exercises.
  • Surgery is only needed if the injury goes untreated or becomes severe enough.

Be sure to seek the advice of your doctor if pain continues or worsens.


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