Wrist | Makovicka Physical Therapy in Omaha

Thank you for visiting Makovicka Physical Therapy’s Wrist Pain and Injury page. We have 5 locations in Omaha, Millard, and Papillion and would love to hear from you if you are experiencing any of the signs and symptoms below.

The type and severity of wrist pain may vary depending on the injury or underlying cause. Wrist pain can be caused by sudden injuries during athletics, exercising, or bracing during an accident. Long-term or chronic injuries can also cause a variety of wrist pain that may be described as either sharp or dull.

Accurate diagnosis is crucial in determining the rehabilitation plan for each patient and can often be difficult. That is why our physical therapists at Makovicka Physical Therapy are dedicated to quickly and accurately finding the cause of your wrist pain and developing a rehabilitation plan specific to your needs.

Wrist pain may be caused by any one of the injuries below:

Remember that wrist pain may also be associated with a neck injury and will present some of the same signs and symptoms of the injuries above. Please see our page on Neck and Back Pain and Injury for further information.

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